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Sponsorship & Exhibition

Gold Sponsors

Sponsorships of the conference in various forms are welcome and appreciated. An exhibition will be held in conjunction with the conference, to provide opportunities for manufacturers, material and equipment suppliers, engineering consultants and contractors, and R&D institutes and laboratories to showcase their products and services.

Sponsors to RocDyn-3

Category Amount Benefit
Gold 50,000 NOK Logo and URLs on all bulletins and conference documents.
Free charge on exhibition. 3 extra tickets to the conference dinner.
Silver 30,000 NOK Logo on conference documents.
50% discount on exhibition. 1 extra ticket to the conference dinner.

There will be hung up banners with logo and name for all sponsors in key locations in the conference rooms. Note that there may be more sponsors in the same category. If your company should be interested in participating as a sponsor, we need your response by April 15, 2018. We also request that the correct company logo be attached to the order of sponsorship.

Inquiry to: Charlie Li

Exhibition booth on RocDyn-3

Every booth place (2.5 X 2 m2): 5,000 NOK.

Companies and institutions are invited to exhibit their products, technologies, publications related to ground support, tunneling, mining, rock engineering and geotechnical engineering. The participants of the conference are academics and engineers in branches of mining, tunnelling, underground construction, hydropower engineering and geotechnical engineering.

Inquiry to: Charlie Li