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  • Here is a table of the Accepted Papers
  • IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to construction at NTNU’s campus, bus lines going to the campus areas have been limited. Because of this, you can no longer use buses 5 & 22 to get to all the way to the conference venue. You may still take bus 5 and 22 but you have to get off at Studentersamfundet (the Students House)and then walk up the hill to campus Gløshaugen. This is a walk of about 600 metres. Bus 63 will continue operating as normal. We also refer you to the provided program map for instructions leading you to the correct building. We also recommend walking all the way from the hotels to campus Gløshaugen!

Download RocDyn-3 Final Program (updated on 11 June 2018)

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GUIDELINES FOR PRESENTERS: Every presenter brings his/her PPT presentations on a USB and a short biograph printed on paper (max 5 lines) to the conference. The presenter copy the presentation to the PC in the session room during the coffee break prior to the session or earlier with the help of the assistant in the session room. The presenter reports his/her presence and submit the biograph to the session chair(s) at least 5 min before the session starts. The presentation time is 12 min presentation + 3 min questioning for an ordinary presentation, and 17 min presentation + 3 min questioning for a Theme speech.

GUIDELINES FOR SESSION CHAIRS: The role of the session chairs is to introduce the presenter and manage questioning immediately after the presentation.


The Forth International Conference on Rock Dynamics and Applications (RocDyn-4) will be held on 25-29 June 2020 in Melbourne, Austrlia. It is a specialized conference supported by the International Society for Rock Mechanics (ISRM) and the Norwegian National Group of Rock Mechanics (NBG).

The conference accepted more than 100 papers that report the recent developments of research and applications in the fields of dynamic testing of rock, theoretical & numerical studies of rock dynamics, rockburst, dynamic rock support, seismic monitoring, earthquake damages, etc. In addition to technical sessions, two forums are organised for open discussions on (1) rockburst and dynamic rock support and (2) dynamic testing of rock and blasting. Post-conference excursions are also organized to visit mountain and subsea tunnels, underground spaces, mountain slides, etc. along the western coastline of Norway.

We look forward to meeting you all in Trondheim soon. Welcome!

Chairs: Dr. Charlie C. Li Mr. Kristoffer Vik-Langlie Dr. Zong-Xian Zhang
On behalf of RocDyn-4 Organizing Committee