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  • Approximately 100 papers are accepted and will be presented in the technical sessions of the conference. Here is a table of the Accepted Papers
  • Invitation letters: Delegates from some countries need visa to enter Norway. Norway is a country in the Schengen Agreement. Invitation letters for application of Norwegian visa will be issued on request. It is required that one has registered the conference before the invitation letter is issued. Please request invitation letters via by providing the following personal information: FULL NAME (the same as that in the passport), BIRTHDAY and PASSPORT NUMBER. One may meet troubles in visa application if the invitation letter does not include the personal information.

Download conference bulletin 3 (updated on 15 March 2018)


The Third International Conference on Rock Dynamics and Applications (RocDyn-3) will be held on 25-29 June 2018 in Trondheim, Norway. It is a specialized conference supported by the International Society for Rock Mechanics (ISRM) and the Norwegian National Group of Rock Mechanics (NBG).

The conference received 102 full papers among which 38 papers are on rockburst, dynamics rock support and seismic monitoring, 35 papers on dynamic testing and theoretical and numerical studies, 18 papers on earthquake-related topics and rock blasting, and 11 papers on other relevant topics. The topics of the papers reflect the recent developments in experiments and theories of dynamic rock testing, rockburst, seismic management, dynamic rock support, blasting, earthquake damage, etc. In addition to technical sessions for presentation of the papers, two forums will be organised for open discussions on (1) rockburst and dynamic rock support and (2) dynamic testing of rock and blasting.

The members of the Scientific Committee and a number of invited reviewers made tremendous efforts to review the submitted abstracts and papers in the past 6 months. We believe that the quality of the papers is high owing to the efforts of both the authors and the reviewers. We look forward to meeting you all in Trondheim soon. You’ll meet your old and new friends and strengthen your network in the circle. Welcome!

Chairs: Dr. Charlie C. Li Mr. Kristoffer Vik-Langlie Dr. Zong-Xian Zhang
On behalf of RocDyn-3 Organizing Committee