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The dynamic stability assessment of karstic caves beneath Gushikawa Castle remains (Japan)
Naohiko Tokashiki Director Okinawa rock engineering research institute
ATTENDEE Oral presentation
Study on dynamic characteristics of muddy sand through particle flow method
贤龙 武 深圳大学
ATTENDEE Oral presentation
An artificial neural network-based model for blast-induced ground vibration prediction in urban area.
Nafiu Olanrewaju Ogunsola PhD Student Jeonbuk National University South Korea
ATTENDEE Oral presentation
Loading rate effect on tensile strength of rock material and morphology of fracture surface
Zhen CUI Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
ATTENDEE Oral presentation
Damage evolution of intact and jointed rocks under cyclic loading
Phibe Khalkho Research Scholar Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
ATTENDEE Oral presentation
Study on the propagation law of stress wave in coal body by joint matching coefficient under combined dynamic and static loading
Jianen Wang Anhui University of Science and Technology
D /D2 19 Aug 2022, 12:10-12:20
ATTENDEE Oral presentation
New approach for determing dynamic shear strength of jointed rock specimen using long-bar drop impact apparatus
Han-lim KIM Jeonbuk National University, South Korea
A /A2 19 Aug 2022, 11:20-11:30
ATTENDEE Oral presentation
Experimental Study on Dynamic Tensile Mechanics of High Temperature Sandstone with Two Cooling Methods
Qi Ping 副院长、教授 Anhui University of Science and Technology, China
ATTENDEE Oral presentation
Slip transition of rock fractures under changing environments
Wei Wu Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
A /A1 19 Aug 2022, 08:30-08:45
ATTENDEE Oral presentation
The coupling model of immersion damage and pore water pressure on limestone under the background of reservoir earthquake
Guoyong Duan China Three Gorges University, China
B /B1 19 Aug 2022, 09:45-10:00
ATTENDEE Oral presentation
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