Visa Information

Foreigners intending to enter Australia shall provide the appropriate documentation indicating the reason for the journey, the duration of it and, in some cases, a proof that they have enough resources to cover travel and living expenses.
The application for the visa can be submitted at the Australian Department of Home Affairs in your country of residence.

In case of doubts we suggest you to visit NOW the official website of the Australian Department of Home Affairs at the following link:

  • Find out whether you need a Visa to enter Australia, depending on your citizenship, country of residence, reasons for your stay and duration of it.
  • Find out which documents are required in order to apply for your visa.


  • VISA application may even require 60days ! Check it out NOW !
  • Presenting the required documentation does not necessarily guarantee the issuance of the VISA itself.

RocDyn-4 Organising Committee will be glad to assist you in case you might need a written invitation to the conference or any other document that might support your VISA Application.
Please, feel free to contact us at