SHORT COURSE 1: The principles of Hopkinson bar and high-speed digital image correlation techniques

A triaxial Hopkinson bar (ARC LE150100058) is developed to apply initial pre-stresses achieving various in-situ stress conditions, including uniaxial (σ1>σ2=σ3=0), biaxial (σ1≥σ2>σ3=0) and triaxial (σ1≥σ2≥σ3 ≠0) confinements, and then to determine dynamic properties of materials under multiaxial pre-stress states. Two Phantom v2511 ultra-high speed cameras (up to 1 Million frames per second) are adopted for 3D-DIC measurement.

SHORT COURSE 2: NumericalBox3D and 4D-LSM

This short course is designed to outline the principles of the Four-dimensional Lattice Spring Model (4D-LSM) which has been packaged into the so-called NumericalBox3D software with a friendly graphic user interface. The course aims to enable the participants to understand the 4D-LSM for the investigation of rock mechanics problems. As well, particular emphasis will be placed on the application of the 4D-LSM for addressing rock dynamics problems related to rock fracturing and stress wave propagation. To reinforce and consolidate the learning, the participants will have access to free use of the software including NumericalBox3D together with solvers of DLSM and 4D-LSM.