Covid 19 Safe Management

1. In view of the need for prevention and control of the Covid-19, the conference will be adjusted according to the epidemic situation.


2. Participants should apply for "Sukang code" and "trip code" before attending the conference and show them to the staff at the conference. "The "Sukang code" and "trip code" are green codes, and those who have normal body temperature (<37.3℃) can enter the meeting venue only after on-site measurement. The participants with "Sukang code" and "trip code" non-green code and from the high-risk areas of the domestic epidemic, the participants with a history of foreign residence within 14 days before the meeting and a history of close contact with confirmed or suspected cases of new coronavirus pneumonia, must also provide proof of negative nucleic acid test for new coronavirus 7 days before the meeting. Participants should bring their own disposable medical masks or N95 masks without breathing valves for personal protection.