Trondheim Landscape

Hotel & Tour


The following three hotels are reserved for conference delegates: Comfort Hotel Park, Quality Hotel Augustin and Scandic Bakklandet. The hotels are located in walking distances to the venue, 1.3 km from Comfort Hotel Park, 1.7 km from Quality Hotel Augustin, and 1.8 km from Scandic Bakklandet. There are also bus connections from the hotels to the venue. Book your hotel in Registration.

A limited number of cheap beds can be reserved yourself in Trondheim Vandrehjem (Hostel). The walking distance from the hostel (Address: Weidemanns vei 41, 7043 Trondheim) to the venue is 2.5 km. There is also a bus connection from the Hostel to the venue. Book cheap beds yourself in this link:


The following are four sightseeing tours in Trondheim. More options can be found at: